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Kinda Confused?

Here's some answers we prepared earlier.

What is Steereo?

Steereo is the world’s first music discovery network exclusively for rideshares. As a driver, you’re incentivized for sharing new music with your passengers. Emerging artists benefit from the exposure and passengers discover music during your ride together. It’s a win-win.

How Does Steereo Work?

It’s pretty simple. Every song minute during your rideshare trips earns you between $0.01-0.09. Once you hit specific music milestones, you can then cash out your earnings.

What Type of Music is on Steereo?

We have genre and specialty (mood, time of day, location) playlists. Current genres include pop, hip-hop, indie, and electronica.

How is Music Determined in Rides?

Drivers select the music but don’t be afraid to ask your riders for preferences too. Playlists are created based on genre, mood, and time of day.

Which Markets is Steereo Available in?

We’re available in New York City and Austin. More markets to come!

Whats the 30 Second Rule?
Every two-way street has its rules. We only pay out on songs that are played for at least 30 seconds.
What Are The Driver and Ride Requirements?

Drivers must be registered with a rideshare company. We expect drivers to play music only during their rideshare shifts. Don’t try this at home. It’s a part of our terms of agreement.

How And When do Drivers Get Paid?
Drivers are paid as soon as they earn $100 in music miles. Once that happens, drivers cash out on PayPal.
How do I cash out?

Notify our driver team when you reach $100 in music minutes by pressing the cash out button, located in your stats section. All driver activity is subject to audit and review prior to payment*. Results are sent to accounting for payment (via Paypal).

*Steereo audits all driver activity to ensure proper music distribution (app use). Earnings are subject to change based on driver team audit.

When can I cash out?

Drivers must redeem earnings on the 1st & 15th of every month. All requests must be made prior to:

  • 30/31st of each month by 11:59 EST
  • 14th of each month by 11:59 EST

Here’s an easy example:

  • Jim sends a request on July 31st at 8:02 pm EST (August 1st)
  • Maria sends a request on August 1st at 11:02 am EST (August 15th)
  • Thomas sends a request on August 15th at 12:32 am EST (September 1st)

Remember, you still must hit your $100.00 music milestone and go through a FULL driver audit prior to payment.

What’s An Audit?

To ensure proper music distribution our technology monitors best driving practices. What does this mean? Driver impressions can be flagged at any time due to questionable/ suspicious activity. Flagged impressions are reviewed in full by our driver team. Based on a review results earnings are subject to change. Steereo reserves the right to revoke earnings connected to questionable/suspicious activity.


Here are some ways you can stay out of the flagged zone


  • Try not to stay stationary for long periods of time
  • Keep music to a “listenable” volume
  • Play Steereo in your designated locations ONLY
  • Allow songs to play for longer than 30 seconds


Last but not least, maintain a stellar driving record. Our driver team is trained to notice activity trends and keep it in mind when reviewing.

Are There Any Conditions to Payment?
Our only conditions are that drivers meet our standards of participation and hit music milestones.
What If I'm Having Technical Difficulties?
Email us at support@mysteereo.com and let us know. We’ll work with you to resolve the issue. You can also message us through your account.

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